New Signage

Okay, okay! It’s definitely been a while. But as we continue to expand and change, or as Libs puts it frequently, “ring the changes” we haven’t exactly been the best at updating our blog. But as a new season approaches, we feel as though we can start a fresh?


And what better way to start, than by showing off our newest and greatest signage in our Tetbury shop. Now, generally speaking our loyal regulars will have a favourite between our two shops. Either our 10 room Georgian townhouse in Tetbury, or our old converted water powered textile mill in Nailsworth. With both shops being set in completely different buildings to each other, they naturally give off the different moods too. This is despite the fact they are both full of more or less the same products, aside from our vintage one off pieces that is.


Our Nailsworth store has always been easier to manage, you naturally wander through whether you want to or not! And let me just say, you usually always want to, unless distracted by wafts of brownies in The Canteen next door. BUT. Our Tetbury store struggles with the fact it is set within a four floor house. We have to let people know constantly that there are another three floors, and direct them with hand gestures and explanations of where the stairs are and what you will find if you take a hike up them. Every single day without fail someone who has taken the journey upstairs, will describe the shop as a rabbit warren, or an Aladdin’s cave.


Like in Nailsworth being attached to The Canteen, in Tetbury we are joined onto Cafe 53. So many people, either shoppers from Domestic Science or Cafe munchers do not realise that we are the same place, and are in fact joined together. Because of this, for a long time now we have been wanting to introduce some signage in both Cafe 53 and Domestic Science, as a way to link the two and to help in directing customers from both establishments to the other. It was only very recently however that we finally took the plunge, and enlisted the skills of hand painted, sign painter extraordinaire Hannah Sunny Whaler to help us.

As you can see here, our new signs are pretty great! We are absolutely chuffed with the results and are hoping to get Hannah in again soon to work her sign painting magic in our Nailsworth shop and to tackle the odd sign on the front of our Tetbury shop as well. We are sure they are already doing a great job in letting customers know we have another three floors they are allowed to explore, and that we have a Cafe for you to rest your weary legs after such an explore too! Do please keep a look out if your passing by soon. You sure won’t be able to miss us anymore!


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