5 weeks to go!

Hello! Long time no speak. Apologies for the social media silence, we’ve been really, really busy getting the shops up together and full of Christmassy delights for you all. But, we’re here now. And apart from finalising our Christmas Window design we’re pretty much all set! Phew!

F08EB42E-9DA0-4470-8810-E3514A913E74 (1).JPG

Now, over the last couple of years as the nights start to draw in, we have noticed more and more of you turning up with your list and pen in hand, and with a basket on your arm ready to tick off as many of your family and friends gifts as you can. We pride ourselves in being able to offer you a range of products that you don’t see everywhere else and that can allow you to do all, or the majority of your Christmas shopping in one go.

IMG-6871 (1)

This year we have gone to town on our Christmas decorations, we have socks for every kind of foot, think glitter, cashmere or alpaca! We have a massively upped our stationery game with a large selection of notebooks, 2018 dairies and pens. As always we have a large range of candles, the snowballs might be our favourite this year. Our wellbeing section has grown to include a multitude of balms, oils and our newest edition, marble soaps. Men are known to be difficult to buy for but we’ve tried to include some different ideas for you, think Vintage cheese knifes and Himalayan Salt tumblers.


Of course, this is just a snippet. If you are a regular visitor to either our Tetbury shop or Nailsworth shop you know that we have a huge range of bits for you to rummage through. If you haven’t been before, but have been meaning to, this might just be the best time for you to visit us! As well as being full to the rafters of gift ideas, we also have adjoining Café’s in both our shops. The Canteen in Nailsworth and Café 53 in Tetbury are the perfect excuse to have a good explore and shop, followed by a coffee or lunch. Or both! We hope to see you there soon.



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