Spring Ideas and Plans

Much like in your own home at the start of the New Year, when your decorations have come and down and have you have bid farewell to a fridge full of cheese. You start to look around your home at the changes you may want to make in the coming months, perhaps you need a few new cushions to liven up your sofa or bed? Or some brushes for a deep post-Christmas clean out. Or perhaps you want to reconfigure a room? Or plan out your Spring Garden?


Well, here at Domestic Science we are starting to do the same sort of thing. We are taking our daily stroll around each shop, but with notebooks and pencils in hand in the hope of reorganising a somewhat tired looking shop. Do please note, this is the stage in retail where shelves are not quite as full as before, and cupboard are depleted for good reason. We’ve had a busy few months! We have been dashing about filling all of your present needs, and whilst our sale continues, we are starting to look ahead to Spring and all the trade shoes that we will be visiting in the next month or so. It’s important to have an idea  of where and what we want the shops to look like, and how we can make changes for you, our customer, so that we can continue to deliver a new experience each time you visit us in either our Tetbury or Nailsworth shop.

Watch this space as we continue to grow! Much like our hyacinth bulbs sitting s on our window ledge really, we’re getting ready to bloom again soon!

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