Autumn Feels – Part 2!

There is so much going on at Domestic Science HQ at the moment – which means lots to share here on the blog. As mentioned in the previous post, we are still in our transition period – We have now turned the our stores into Autumn Wonderlands, but we are now being inundated with lots of new product lines and will continue to be, in the lead up to December.

Libs and Flo have certainly done well sourcing lots fab new ranges, which have seen them travel to London, Paris and beyond! We now have the fun job of making sure all these new goodies are displayed to enhance our autumnal appeal as they arrive! Here is a little sneak peak at just a few of many new product deliveries….

Not only has this given us lots to talk about in terms of new product lines and displays, it has also given us a bit of food for thought and provided inspiration for Autumnal living – so we will be sharing these ideas on the blog in the coming weeks and months. The difficulty lies in what to share with you first!

Perhaps the best place to start would be sharing updates on the Nailsworth store, as the last blog post focused on autumnal changes at the Tetbury store, it seems only fair!

Having received some gorgeous autumnal clothing ranges from Thought Clothing for both men and women (more on this to be shared in a future post!) and the space to accommodate a mannequin display at the front of the Naily store – we got our creative juices flowing to conjure up an impactful display!

From the initial design sketch (accompanied with a chia latte from Cafe 53 of course!) to clearing space and moving props (including a garden gate, wooly dog, mannequins, LED lights), to final touches! The display was an absolute joy to implement, if not a little tiring from all the moving, rearranging, and moving a little more – But so worth it!

If you haven’t been to the Nailsworth store recently, now is time to indulge in some autumnal loveliness – we would love your feedback too! Whilst arranging your trip, here are some photos of the process and the finished display!

We look forward to seeing you soon – and we’ll be back with more seasonal updates and inspiration next week.