The Domestic Science Beginners Guide to Oil Burners and Essential Oils

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote a feature on enhancing spaces with fragrance; this week we thought it would be great to touch on this subject again, but look more into the specific benefits associated with a particular method of bringing scents into a space. We have recently received deliveries of oil burners and essential oils which we believe deserve their own dedicated post, given the additional benefits that they provide – aside from enhancing a space with fragrance.


Using oil burners with essential oils allows us to access their amazing therapeutic properties; these properties are multi-faceted and wide ranging – definitely something worth considering if you are looking to getting a more out of your home fragrance. We hope that this list of benefits and guide to using an oil burner will help you!

Benefits of using an Oil Burner with Essential Oils

Using essential oils as an aroma, using an oil burner, have multiple benefits. Collectively essential oils help to eliminate airborne microbes and purify the air. This is particularly beneficial in reducing allergy symptoms associated with dust and pollen. The aroma from essential oils also help to improve respiration by stimulating and clearing airways. Individual essential oils also carry there own benefits, as will be explained in the following section..

Benefits associated with specific Essential Oils

It is fantastic that specific essential oils carry there own individual benefits – this little section will help to breakdown essential oils based on the concerns that they address.

Essential oils for improving concentration, boosting focus and memory:
Rosemary, peppermint, juniper and grapefruit

Essential oils for boosting mood and energy levels:
Lemon, orange, grapefruit, peppermint and ginger

Essential oils for balancing hormones:
Lavender and rosemary

Essential oils for calming and balancing nerves:
Bergamot, geranium and rose

Essential oils for helping to induce a state of mediation:
Vetiver, sandalwood and frankincense

Essential oils for relieving stress and finding balance:
Chamomile, sandalwood and geranium

Tips for making the most of your oil burner

When using an oil burner with essential oils, it is best to fill the top with water and add 6-8 drops of essential oil. If the oil burner is being used in a small room, it’s best to add fewer drops so as to not overpower the space.

To enhance your space whilst using an oil burner, why not indulge in a little self indulgence and create a little sanctuary for yourself? Adding relaxing music, making time for a little mediation, or treating yourself to a foot soak can all enhance the effects of the essential oils. In fact when you take a bath with essential oils, using the same oils in an oil burner means that you can enjoy the full benefits of the oils – absorption through the skin and the aroma.

We hope that our beginner guide has helped enlighten you on the use of essentials oils as an aroma using oil burners as an alternative way to enliven your home with scents and ambiance – Be sure to visit us in store to view our range of essential oils and oil burners!

Team Domestic Science x