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South African Handmade Artisan Stoneware Mugs

We pleased to share with you a new collection of uniquely handmade artisan stoneware mugs by WONKI WARE. Founded and created by designer Di Marshall, the company was formed in the small town of George along the Garden Route in South Africa over fifteen years ago. Commencing as a meeting place for local potters and creative individuals, Wonki Ware now prides itself on now employing over 40 skilled artisans from disadvantaged backgrounds. The company’s skilled employees are all valuable in contributing to their communities and sharing their passion for pottery, as well as training the next generation of artisans.

Generations of Sundried Stoneware Experience

The production process for each piece is approximately 3 weeks. Raw clay from the southern coast of South Africa is shaped and left to dry in the sunshine for 5 days. Once cooled, the bisque is sanded and cleaned, preparing it for glazing, which then placed in a kiln for the final three days. This process ensures that each piece is hardwearing- making them microwave and dishwasher safe.

The warm, vibrant spirit of South Africa is visible within each piece of Wonki Ware, as well as the craftsmanship and passion for pottery. With each one being unique in shape size, size and pattern – the individual beauty and charm of each piece is plain to see and would make wonderful additions to your table.

We have a gorgeous selection of mugs in various colours available at both our Nailsworth and Tetbury stores:

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Nailsworth at Days Mill, Old Market, GL6 0DU and Tetbury just around the corner; 53 Long Street, GL8 8AA. Both locations are open Mon-Sat 10-5pm / Sun 11-4pm. Click Here to contact us.

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