Brand Feature: PFK Wellbeing

Essential Oils for Wellbeing

A couple of weeks ago on the blog, we wrote a feature on essential oils and the benefits of that essential oils can have as an alternative home fragrance. Just as the post was published, we received a beautiful delivery from PFK wellbeing, a brand that specialises in candles and wax melts made from natural soy and fragranced with only essential oils. Oils that have been carefully blended to create distinctive scents designed to uplift and energise or relax and balance. The products have filled the stores with a beautiful mix of uplifting scents since placing them on our shelves; It resulted in many customers commenting on the lovely aromas that greet them on entering the store.


We had the pleasure of PFK wellbeing’s founder Paula, popping by the Tetbury store a couple of weeks later to bring by more goodies to restock. And  after doing a little more research on the brand, it’s background and ethos, we thought we couldn’t miss the opportunity to write a brand feature post! (Especially as the products make such gorgeous and thoughtful presents too!)

PFK Wellbeing commenced after Paula’s love of yoga as a form of anxiety relief turned to a career change, her passion for yoga resulted in her becoming a yoga teacher, holding classes and retreats.

IMG_6698Since this success, the company took a turn for a more holistic approach to wellbeing and incorporating essential oils as a form of sanctuary from the stresses and strains of daily life. This intiative was brought about when Paula noticed her Mum using air fresheners that were full of man-made chemicals and fragrances, which seemed to worsen her already weakened respiratory system. Having used essential oils herself, and knowing the benefits that arise from using them, Paula decided to make her Mum a candle, to surround her with natural aromas, with the hope that the scents would ease her anxiety and help her to find her happy place. Family and friends began to ask Paula to make candles for them too, and this is where PFK was born!

PFK Products

Today the ideals of the brand remain the same, prioritising health and wellbeing. PFK products are 100% natural, with no nasty chemicals or manufactured fragrances. All products are created with a unique blend of plant based oils and natural soy wax; offering real wellbeing benefits, alongside exquisite, gentle aromas. The packaging has been carefully considered too, so they make the perfect gifts.

We are pleased to offer in both stores, a selection of candles, tea lights and wax melts in 4 different essential oil blends.

No.1 – Invigorate



This refreshing, sparkling scent instantly uplifts and invigorates. With energising citrus aromas from lemon and lime, expertly blended with eucalyptus to clear the mind and cypress and bergamot to balance emotions, this blend is perfect to bring energy and life to you and your home.

No.2 – Relax


This restful blend will help you to unwind, soothe your senses and help promote deep, restful sleep. With a unique combination of lavender to calm and patchouli to relieve anxiety, PFK No 2 is balanced with lemon and rosemary to help promote relaxation and bring calm to your surroundings.

No.3 – Uplift


This sparkling, light, fresh aroma instantly uplifts and rejuvenates. With refreshing scents of lemongrass, rosemary and peppermint to invigorate and enliven the mind, expertly blended with eucalyptus and cypress to soothe away tension, PFK No 3 is the perfect ‘pick me up’ blend.



No.4 – Balance


This crisp but intoxicating blend will leave you feeling uplifted and balanced. With the citrus scent of grapefruit and the crispness of Bergamot, uniquely balanced with the heady aroma of Patchouli, the PFK No 4 blend helps to reduce tension and bring balance to your emotions and your home.