YOU found Libs!

YOU Magazine wrote an article about Libs’s house last week – a great piece by Ali Heath.  We did slightly giggle when we saw the house looking so tidy … usually there’s a stray delivery there which we’ve been rummaging through, or Libs has returned from France with a hoard, most of which is temporarily residing in the hall…but we’ve had such a positive response from the article – so tell your friends to come into the shops to see what she’s found, because there are loads of similar things in Tetbury and Nailsworth.

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Vote for us in the Cotswolds Awards!

Cotswold Awards-Domestic ScienceWe were given a lovely surprise last week – someone has nominated us for Best Group of Shops in the Cotswolds Awards 2015!  If you agree with them and like what we do, you can click here and scroll down (don’t lose heart, it’s quite a way down…) to Best Group of Shops and place your vote!  There’s plenty more you can vote for … (Best Coffee Roaster, Best BBQ, Best Festival … and more).


We’ve Been Busy…

This year has been pretty non-stop for us over at Domestic Science. We’ve been busy…and we’ve been neglecting the blog… so here’s a little update on what we’ve been doing.

First stop was a buying trip to India in January where we were more than blown away by amazing fabrics, food and people. Delhi is a truly wonderful, magical, crazy place and after a few days there we couldn’t wait to see what else the country had to offer.

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We journeyed south by train which was an experience in itself. After enjoying our ‘Meals on Wheels’  (and feeling very Slumdog Millionaire) we arrived in the ‘pink city’; Jaipur, an ancient, beautiful city 5 hours south of Delhi.


We sourced some wonderful block print- fabrics and got them made into lovely tunic tops and Pyjamas.  (and soon we’re hoping to get cosy winter PJ’s made too).

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In May we were busy too on another buying trip, this time to Marrakech. After a busy weekend we returned with bags full of colourful bowls, wooden spoons, and wicker baskets and our heads filled with snake charmers, dates and mint tea.

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In August, we traveled en famille to Italy on an exclusively ‘non buying’ trip but – of course – we couldn’t resist this wonderful jewellery we found in Tuscany.


We did find time to relax and soak up the sun, food and wonderful scenery.

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As September rolled around, the kids went back to school, and we’ve gone back to the drawing board, our thoughts turning from long summery days to cosy, wintry nights. We’ve been from Paris to Birmingham to London over the past week at the trade fairs sourcing wonderful new things for autumn and Christmas.  We’ll let you know when they all arrive in store …

Indian Summer Pop-Up

We’re excited to tell you that we’ve got together a group of talented people who will be popping up in Nailsworth next week on Tuesday 4th August (5pm-9pm) and on Wednesday 5th August (10am-5pm).  It’s a great way to see some creative makers and designers showing the best of their skills.  Please join us!

Domestic Science - Popup Invitation - 4-5Aug2015-page-001

Like a kid in a candy store…..

Kid in a candy store
Kid in a candy store
I’m a sucker for braid, trimmings and all things that can enhance the wrapping of a parcel…..When we came across this little stall, we were in heaven. After much pointing, measuring, cutting and winding,the owner of the stall seemed extremely pleased as we left laden down with bags of the stuff. There is going to be a good offering in Domestic Science come Christmas. I think we made his day!


Annie Sloan Chalk PaintTM – Decorative Painting Courses

Annie Sloan Workshops

We’re running two Annie Sloan Chalk PaintTM Beginner’s and one Advanced Workshop in June and July so, if you’ve ever been interested in knowing how you can use Annie Sloan Chalk PaintTM to transform pieces of furniture, here’s your chance to find out.  

No need to bring anything with you – we’ll provide you with tuition, paints, brushes and aprons; just come and learn with us!

Tuesday 9th June – Beginner’s Workshop
Friday 26th June – Advanced Workshop
Friday 3rd July – Beginner’s Workshop

Full details on our Facebook Events page.

Hacked Off!

We certainly were, when we found out that someone had hacked into our website and was sending spoof emails all over the place.  So we’ve got this blog going while we’re thinking about building a new website.  Hope you enjoy it – why not start following Libs as she sources lovely things for the stores!