Changing Rooms…

Our Tetbury shop is having a grand change around. We’ve re-homed our ever popular Duralex glasses to the second floor. Of course, we wanted to make it cosy, so we whipped up some curtains using vintage check and a gorgeously floppy old grain sack, painted the walls soft grey and built some shelves out of vintage cheeseboards and old scaffolding planks. The result was nothing short of lovely!




First things first, Happy New Year and welcome to 2016 from us all here at Domestic Science. Fresh starts, resolutions and now a timley cold spell at long last after a warm(ish) end to 2015- we have cosy hats, scarves and blankets in both stores to keep you warm throughout Janurary and February.

Secondly, we have a 30% off sale on selected items in both our Nailsworth and Tetbury shops, were having a jolly good clear out.

Its very important to us here that we have new, unusual things that you haven’t seen before, thats why we’re very excited to be going that extra mile (literally) and jet setting off to trade fairs in NYC at the end of this month- so look out for exciting new stock from the U. S of A!

And don’t forget the sale is on NOW

… go Go GO!


Fall Back

Last Sunday in the early hours of the morning, the clocks went back, and with it came an extra hour in bed,  the usual Monday morning panic made only worse by clocks declaring different times, but, most importantly, over at Domestic Science we know this change cues the start of colder, cosier times ahead.

Cosy, by its very definition means ‘a feeling of comfort, warmth and relaxation’, and that’s very much what we aim to provide. We’ve been busy sourcing new stock for this time of the year and have a multitude of new products in our stores.


We couldn’t resist McAlson’s wonderful boxer shorts endowed with an inner soft cotton jersey pocket to provide ‘the ultimate in male comfort’.


Honing from Belgium, this small family run company has been going since 1997,  to fulfil a need for ‘impeccably fitting yet elegant boxer shorts’. All fabrics sourced from Italy and Portugal and manufactured in Europe they are high in quality and come in an array of eccentric and cool designs.


Amazing as presents or just a treat for yourself these boxer are sure to keep you cosy and comfortable this winter.

YOU found Libs!

YOU Magazine wrote an article about Libs’s house last week – a great piece by Ali Heath.  We did slightly giggle when we saw the house looking so tidy … usually there’s a stray delivery there which we’ve been rummaging through, or Libs has returned from France with a hoard, most of which is temporarily residing in the hall…but we’ve had such a positive response from the article – so tell your friends to come into the shops to see what she’s found, because there are loads of similar things in Tetbury and Nailsworth.

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Vote for us in the Cotswolds Awards!

Cotswold Awards-Domestic ScienceWe were given a lovely surprise last week – someone has nominated us for Best Group of Shops in the Cotswolds Awards 2015!  If you agree with them and like what we do, you can click here and scroll down (don’t lose heart, it’s quite a way down…) to Best Group of Shops and place your vote!  There’s plenty more you can vote for … (Best Coffee Roaster, Best BBQ, Best Festival … and more).


We’ve Been Busy…

This year has been pretty non-stop for us over at Domestic Science. We’ve been busy…and we’ve been neglecting the blog… so here’s a little update on what we’ve been doing.

First stop was a buying trip to India in January where we were more than blown away by amazing fabrics, food and people. Delhi is a truly wonderful, magical, crazy place and after a few days there we couldn’t wait to see what else the country had to offer.

IMG_8767 IMG_8763 IMG_8804

We journeyed south by train which was an experience in itself. After enjoying our ‘Meals on Wheels’  (and feeling very Slumdog Millionaire) we arrived in the ‘pink city’; Jaipur, an ancient, beautiful city 5 hours south of Delhi.


We sourced some wonderful block print- fabrics and got them made into lovely tunic tops and Pyjamas.  (and soon we’re hoping to get cosy winter PJ’s made too).

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In May we were busy too on another buying trip, this time to Marrakech. After a busy weekend we returned with bags full of colourful bowls, wooden spoons, and wicker baskets and our heads filled with snake charmers, dates and mint tea.

FullSizeRender[4] FullSizeRender copy FullSizeRender[1] copy

In August, we traveled en famille to Italy on an exclusively ‘non buying’ trip but – of course – we couldn’t resist this wonderful jewellery we found in Tuscany.


We did find time to relax and soak up the sun, food and wonderful scenery.

FullSizeRender[4] FullSizeRender[2]  FullSizeRender

As September rolled around, the kids went back to school, and we’ve gone back to the drawing board, our thoughts turning from long summery days to cosy, wintry nights. We’ve been from Paris to Birmingham to London over the past week at the trade fairs sourcing wonderful new things for autumn and Christmas.  We’ll let you know when they all arrive in store …